What is Health Insurance?

Insurance policies are used to hedge against the risk of financial losses, both big and small, that may result from illness or disease to the insured person

Taafy Health Insurance Consultancy

Insurance consultant refers to a company which advises or offers to advice in health insurance area. Insurance consultant offers services for a particular fee from policy holder. Offering any advice, counsel, opinion or service with respect to insurable risks, or concerning the benefits, coverage’s, involving the advantages or disadvantages of any such policy of insurance, or any formal plan of managing the risk.

Welcome to Taafy Health Insurance consultancy, the first health insurance consultancy in Egypt that provides Insurance Advisory Services, Insurance Policies Design and Claim Handling Services at one window.

Is a health insurance policy that is purchased by an employer offered to eligible employees of the company as a benefit of working for that company?

So …you are in need for advisory services!

Insurance scheme Chart

Advisory Services

Taafy Health Insurance Consultancy helps corporations and institutions resolve their most important insurance matters and disputes, whether through negotiation, consultation, or advocacy. Our experienced team possesses substantial industry experience in all segments.Taafy Health Insurance Consultancy assists clients in making sound, strategic and cost effective choices in risk management and insurance issues.Clients call upon us to handle their risk and insurance planning before and after coverage is purchased for all types of business and personal risks arising from heal risk

A service provided by insurance field experts in term of risk and cost assessment to maximize the gained benefits and reduce the paid premium.

A service designed to meet and exceed generally accepted claims processing standards.

Best Practices procedure should be applied till insurance claim is paid.

Our Process

Our consultation for health insurance policy through 3 phases:

Phase 1: Pre-implementation phase


- Review the numbers, age groups and medical history of the entity’s members.

-Tailor a policy to suit the needs of the members in the insurance coverage

-Receiving proposal from insurance companies

-To be sure that the selection is unbiased we enter data in our special computer system of comparing prices and services provided to determine the best 3 companies to do negotiation with them.

-Start negotiation and select the best companies.

Phase 2: Implementation phase


-An awareness session about the policy and medical coverage.

-Start the policy and make periodic episodes on the use of the policy through the work of extensive campaigns through Social Media.

Phase 3: After the implementation of the policy


-Follow-up consumption rates and determination the top consumption insured member

-Solution in problems that arise after the policy is issued through the technical office, whether medical approvals or reimbursement

-Follow up the consumption of the policy quarterly

What are the differences between consulting firms and brokerage firms?


1.Providing policies for each insurance company without customization.

2.Fees are collected from the loyalty for insurance company.

3.There is a conflict of interest with insurance companies.

4.Restricted number of insurance company due to the registration requirement.


1.Customization of the policy according to the special needs of the members.

2.Fees are collected from the beneficiary so loyalty is here for the beneficiary.

3.There is no conflict of interest with insurance companies.

4.Deal with any insurance company.

Why Taafy?

  • Taafy Group is an integrated healthcare consultancy which gives its experience in health insurance policy management.
  • Past experience with the largest international and national insurance companies for more than 17 years.
  • The largest number of insurance consultants specializing in the medical field.
  • Going through the largest number of problems of the implementation of policies so we have the knowledge to avoid these problems from the beginning.

In-House Clinic Management

Medical Services

  1. Therapeutic Services
  • Meeting the patient of the employees inside the clinic of the company.
  • Detection infectious cases inside the company.
  • Refer of important cases to hospitals.
  • Follow-up of chronic cases.
  • Medical advice either to the employee himself or his family.

2. Preventive services

  • Provision the necessary vaccinations to employees.
  • Provision periodic health awareness sessions.

3. Health Insurance

  • Addition & Deletion
  • Follow up the performance of the insurance company
  • Urgent medical approvals in order to save time on the patient and the company.

4. Medical Administrations

  • Pre-employment screening for new employees
  • Identification and approval medical leave.
  • Make a monthly report about sick leave.

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