More than 50 consultants from Europe and MENA Region


Working Together Building Tomorrow

As per the high needs of healthcare services (Treatment and Prevention) inside Egypt and MENA region, the idea of Taafy Group, as integrated healthcare consultancy entity, has emerged to provide the state of the art of the science of all medical programs in healthcare consultancy under one roof. Thus, we help patients, government, investors and investees.

The Global Leader firm of integrated healthcare services consultancy.

Enhancing healthcare services to everyone by providing the state of the art of healthcare consulting services through unique innovative tools.

  • Integrity
  • Excellence in performance
  • Dedication
  • Precision
  • Leadership
  • Sustainable development

We Are Team Of Professionals

More than 50 consultants from Europe and MENA Region

Dr. Abdel Hamid Othman

Healthcare Quality Consultant

ENG. Yousra Eshra

Business Development Consultant

Miss. Elbeniki Karavety

Business Development Team Leader

Dr. Faysal Gab Allah

Marketing Manager

Consultant. Mohamed Shawky

Legal Affair consultant

Mr. Mohamed Ghonim

Hospital Marketing Consultant

Hanadi Hassan

Healthcare Planner / Medical Equipment Consultant

Corporate Governance

Well governed companies perform better

What is corporate governance?

The purpose of corporate governance is to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success of the company.
Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a firm is directed and controlled.
Corporate governance is about what the board of a company does and how it sets the values of the company.

The board of directors is pivotal in governance

The responsibilities of the board include setting the company’s strategic aims, providing the leadership to put them into effect, supervising the management of the business and reporting to shareholders on their stewardship.

The Basics of Corporate Governance

Communicating a firm’s corporate governance is a key component of community and investor relations.
Taafy Group corporates leadership, its executive team, its board of directors, including its committee charters and governance documents, such as bylaws, stock ownership guidelines and articles of incorporation.
Good governance can have wider impacts because it is fundamental about improving transparency and accountability within existing systems.

Thank You for taking the time to visit the Taafy Group website and I wholeheartedly welcome any enquiries and feedback, may you have.


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you at “Taafy International Healthcare Company” website. This website is part of the external manifestation of our commitment to transparency and open communications with all our stakeholders as well as with the wider public interested in our activities.

Key Focus

Taafy experience now is exceeding 20 years 12 years in Gulf area, 8 years in Egypt & 6 years globally. Taafy’s key focus is to contribute to sustainable development in the healthcare sector through effective integrated healthcare services consultancy, management and investment. To achieve this goal, Taafy is creating a pool of experience, professionals and scientific and innovative networks locally and globally, to bring the fruits of their outcomes

Innovation and Sustainable Development

Innovation and sustainable development are crucial parts of our mission, efficiency in healthcare is our main activity area. In collaboration with like-minded partners, professionals and investors, Taafy proposes to enable the best in sector healthcare investments, management and transactions so our slogan is “Working together, Building tomorrow”.


Under Taafy International Healthcare Group ,there are six different services, these services support each other ((Healthcare investment “Feasibility studies/Fund solutions” PM/CM, Management & Operation of healthcare facilities, Treatment abroad, Healthcare Insurance consulting, Health Conferences consultancy).Taafy International Healthcare Group’s activities are run by our offices in Egypt ( Cairo/ Alexandria) ,our strategic Partner “Premier Healthcare Germany” in Germany (Hamburg/ UAE, Dubai). We will open our office in Greece during 2020, franchise in KSA and USA during 2020. Taafy operates under the firm belief that organizations should integrate business performance with sustainability and social responsibility. I look forward to detailing all these and other developments at the appropriate time and our website will remain the ideal source of updated information.

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