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Integrated healthcare consultancy entity,has emerged to provide the state of the art of the science of all medical programs in healthcare consultancy under one roof

More than 50 consultants from Europe and MENA Region

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"Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the world"

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Enhancing healthcare services to everyone by providing the state of the art of healthcare consulting services through unique innovative tools.



The Global Leader firm of integrated healthcare services consultancy.

Global Demand

Why the demand of International Patient Services tripled in the last 5 years ?

Easy Process:

Easy Process:

World communication and travel become much easier so the world become accessable



With our global network and expertise we can help you to reach the right medical advice.

Annual Growth: From 2014 to 2019 the demand of International Patient Services increased 45%

International Patient Services

Through our global network we will help you to find the right medical expertise and care around the world.

Treatment Abroad

We provide medical services facilitating all the process for each patient who is in need to get treatment and we can find the solution within a network of more than 300 hospitals in Europe


Specialties include: General Medical, OB GYN, Mental Health, Pediatrics, Urology, Dermatology, Dental and more.

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More than 300 Hospitals around the world

Client Photo
Dr Inas Ahmed Professor of Electrical Engineering

“Removed all the pain ” I got a car accident since 2 years ago.Fortunately for 2 days I did not feel anything but on the third day I started to complain from swollen leg .I consulted a doctor, he did XRAY and he found that there is narrow in the IVF, he inserted a stent. After a month, I started to complain from sever menorrhagia and sever pain in the pelvic area .I consulted many doctors and the diagnosis was unknown .I sent the documents and all the radiology test to Taafy Group and I received after 4 days the treatment plan .They referred me to “Charity Hospital” in Berlin .The doctor removed the old stent which was very dangerous surgery and he insert a new one .I stayed there for 2 months and I returned back completely free .I am so thankful for the effort of Taafy and Premier team as they have already removed all the pain that I was suffering for continuous 2 years.

Client Photo
Mr. Amir Ramzy CEO, “The Stepherd and Mother of Light Assocciation”

“Great Effort” For the great effort ,they did in the feasibility study for Raai Misr hospital project.This efford which already transform our dream to be a real, our dream to provide excellent medical service for the poorest people in Upper Egypt.So accept our warm thanks for your activity and your serious and also profitable cooperation with your esteemed company.Also, accept the pray of the poorest people of Upper Egypt whom will gain from this hospital service which you were the corner stone of this project.