Taafy Group is proud to announce that the “International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare” selected “Taafy International Healthcare Company” as one of the Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the World in an award ceremony will be held in Dubai during 16th-18th December 2019.
Based on the long term experience of Taafy Group related to the Healthcare Investment, Dr Mohamed Hagez,the CEO of “Taafy International Healthcare Company”,is selected from the committee of “International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare” as the keynote speaker on the topic of “The Healthcare Investment in the Healthcare Development”.

The judging committee refers that: “We received a lot of incredible nominations this year and all nominees were adjudged on 5 parameters, namely:

Overall Reach

Industry Impact

Spirit Of Innovation

Future Readiness

Market Demand

After careful consideration and extensive research, we rated each applicant on every parameter to reach the final list of awardees”

Taafy Group
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