Project Management

Project Management

The concept of Project Management is a proven method, which combines the project phases of pre-design, design, tender, construction and occupancy into a series of tightly integrated tasks.
This will frequently bring together the Owner, Designer and Construction Manager in an interactive relationship.

To maximize opportunities to save cost and time, and to ensure delivery of intended quality, a project must be reviewed and analyzed during its very early phases.

Taafy offers the following services:

• Feasibility Study
• Site Selection
• Cost Estimating & Budget Allocation
• Financial Analysis
• Funding Resources
• Design Schedule Management
• Budget Monitoring & Control
• Regulatory and Approval Management
• Value Engineering and Life-Cycle Costing
• Prepare Design & Engineering Firms
• Valuation
• Coordination of Design Proposals & Competitions
• Recommended Quality
• IT Design& MIS Program
• Interior Design
Value Engineering is a continuous review and refinement process of design and specifications, which augments the design efforts from initial concept up to the issuance of the last construction variation.
It is normal that the integration of a Value Engineering program will result in a project savings of 5% to 15%, and in a functional design that is constructible within budget.

Which will result in the following:

• Savings on construction costs
• Lower life cycle costs
• Applicable codes and regulations
• Improved operational performance
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Identification of risks and mitigation strategies
Taafy provides the following services to its clients:

• Identification and Pre-qualification of Contractors
• Developing the Tender Process
• Evaluation of Tenders
• Recommendation of Contractors
• Conduct Pre-Construction Meetings
• Prepare Master Construction Schedule
• Selection and Approval of Materials and Conduct Site Meetings
• Prepare or Review of Construction Progress and Submittal of Monthly Reports
• Budgeting Cost Control and Account Close-ups
• Analysis & Approval of Contractor’s Monthly Payment Applications
• Development of Project Control Systems
• Safety Management
• Claims Management
• Contract Administration
Our Risk Management services are an integral part of the successful construction expertise we offer.
These services aim to minimize risk and maximize value on each project.
The primary focuses in Risk Management are our project Safety, Insurance and Post Construction Programs.
Our Process of Risk Management :

Generally involves the following steps:

• Preparation for risk analysis
• Risk Identification
• Risk Analysis
• Risk Response
• Risk Control