Medical Tourism

Are you in need to get your treatment abroad?

“Taafy International Healthcare Group” Company is the only company in Egypt that specialized in “Treatment Abroad”.We provide medical services facilitating all the process for each patient who is in need to get treatment and we can find the solution within a network of more than 300 hospitals in Europe.

The medical first file management in Germany,
Our strong strategic partner.


• Provision of the best quality treatment with the best curative direction with the lowest price.
• Provision of pre-travel services by preparing and translating necessary medical reports.
• Facilitating the procedures for obtaining travel visa through coordination with the embassy.
• Processing the full medical file of the patient and communicating with the competent and experienced doctor.
• Provision of translation & logistics services to the patient through coordination.
• Coordinating the aftercare upon the patient’s return home.

How We Work

4 steps for a successful medical process of “Treatment Abroad”

Conducting a detailed medical case assessment before the patient sets out on his journey based on the patient’s medical file and an extensive examination.

Communicating with the relevant doctors about possible treatments and treatment plans and preparing a reliable estimated cost.

Supporting patients during their appointments with medical professionals and during their stay in hospital.

Coordinating the aftercare upon the patient’s return home.

Gain a Success With Us!

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Case Studies

Case Studies: Medical Tourism


A case of leukemia, for sternal specimen, the patient got cardiac perforation.As an emergency, he did ligation and we transfer the medical documents to Germany at 2 pm in the same day.


As an emergency case,we received the reply from the German professor at 5 pm. As a result of our good communication with the German embassy, we success to receive the medical visa the next day which was Friday (a day off).The patient travelled at 3 pm in the day that we received the visa and he reacted Hamburg at 10 pm .


The surgery was done at 12 pm. He continued the bone marrow transplantation and he returned after 4 months totally cured.

With Respect To Each Client

Our clients say

“Removed all the pain ”

I got a car accident since 2 years ago.Fortunately for 2 days I did not feel anything but on the third day I started to complain from swollen leg .I consulted a doctor, he did XRAY and he found that there is narrow in the IVF, he inserted a stent. After a month, I started to complain from sever menorrhagia and sever pain in the pelvic area .I consulted many doctors and the diagnosis was unknown .I sent the documents and all the radiology test to Taafy Group and I received after 4 days the treatment plan .They referred me to “Charity Hospital” in Berlin .The doctor removed the old stent which was very dangerous surgery and he insert a new one .I stayed there for 2 months and I returned back completely free .I am so thankful for the effort of Taafy and Premier team as they have already removed all the pain that I was suffering for continuous 2 years.

Dr Inas Ahmed

Professor of Electrical Engineering