Management and operation of healthcare units

Operations management is the overall coordination of processes required for the creation and distribution of products and services. For example, in the case of healthcare, managing costs while delivering quality services is a major component of healthcare operations management. Hospital as an example: Hospital is a diverse workplace that includes institutions and practitioners that provide services for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of injury, illness, disease, and other physical and mental impairments. Doing proper management, you have to do integration among the different departments to flow smoothly like Administration Department as (Financial, Quality, Marketing, HIS, Maintenance, HR) Pharmaceutical, Medical as (Outpatient, Inpatient, Imaging and Laboratory) even procurement and the Kitchen.

Our Services in management & operation

Our Competitive edges

consulting team specializing in different area of the medical institutions, such as financial consultant, legal consultant, quality consultant, consultant for the development of medical departments, in addition to the strategic partnership with Asklepios network in Germany
consulting team specializing in different area of the medical institutions, such as professors, consultants and specialists in different specialties, consultants are specialized in healthcare development, in addition to the strategic partnership with Asklepios network in Germany
Consultants specializing in the selection of all concerned cadres within the medical institutions with pre-employment training
The strategic partner of Cambridge College in London, all training programs such as health insurance, hospital accounting and administrative programs, except practical medical programs such as surgery or endoscopy
The largest number of biomedical engineering consultants
The largest network of Non-medical suppliers with the lowest price, highest quality and longest warranty period
The only company specialized in the development of business in the health sector through the implementation of Six Sigma, where Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim is the first physician to get the black belt in the Middle East
Information systems consultant for more than 10 years in addition to designing all programs at competitive prices
Our team has experience more than 20 years of healthcare Marketing internal and global
Full and specialized team of graphic designers, medical writing, Flyer, 3D movies, brochures, profile, promotional films, explanatory films

Why Taafy

With Taafy, as your healthcare management partner, you will be empowered to effectively manage your current or new healthcare facility, no matter how often, or how dramatically, the landscape changes.

Doing business with Taafy, enables you to choose whatever strategy will win the day for cost-effective quality healthcare. Each solution is tailor-made, not only for each of our clients, but also taking into consideration the prevailing conditions at the time.

Even our payment options offer a great deal of flexibility, ranging from Gain-Share Models to Capitation to Fee-for-Service rates. In a world where costs are increasing and quality inconsistent, Taafy,is proud to introduce a new order of ideas - lower costs with enhanced service quality.

Taafy,is a very healthy choice to make - for the patient, the community and the company - all the way to the bottom line.

4 steps to make a successful Hospital Operation

Gap Analysis

- Evaluates the facility e.g.
• Regulatory compliance
• Strategic Planning
• Policy and Procedures, etc…
- Action Plan

Preparatory Phase (Planning phase)

A. Preparatory Phase:
1. Strategic Planning
2. Quality Planning
3. Information Technology preparation
4. Risk Management assessment
5. Marketing & Sales Planning
6. Financial planning
7. Policy and procedure setting
B. Implementation Phase

Internal Audit
Sustainable development
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Case Studies

Case Studies: Management & Operation of healthcare units


58 bed hospital located in the most prestigious area in Cairo, ROI was 2% of the total investment capital, and the main target was selling the hospital with fair price Asset valuation was 158 M, the average net profit was 3.4 M for the last 3 years, so the fair valuation after profit multiply approximate was 165.4 M We propose for the board our proposal.


The board agreed for the second option
After a month the development plan result was
1. Development preparation total cost like painting of some department, some process modification. HIS system, etc. will be 6.5 M on credit base for 12 months
2. Development preparation period including the training will be 3 months
3. Net profit After 12 Months of operation will be 57.5 M
4. ROI for the first year will be 35% from the investment capital
5. The fair valuation of investment will be 185.7 instead 165.4 M


Our Development Plan Includes:
1. Gap Analysis (1 Months)
2. Preparatory Phase (3 Months)
3. Implementation Phase (12 Months)
Result After operation for one year was, the net profit 58.2 M
The fair valuation was 186.1 M
The decision was, to continue the operation for additional 2 years to reach the fair valuation of 222.7 M

With Respect To Each Client

Our clients say

“Expert & Professional”

Taafy team is a professional team with excellent experience in marketing process specially direct marketing, we had a fruitful business relationship for 13 months, with improvement in patient flow, smooth and flexible payment and collection method, we consider that our agreement will be continue for life.

Dr, Yaser Naji

Consultant Interventional Radiologist
Clinical Lead for Vascular & Interventional Radiologist at London North West Hospitals. UK
Yaser Naji's clinic. Al-Obour building. Cairo