Healthcare Investment

Healthcare investment is specialized investment in healthcare sectors requires a multifaceted approach to understand the underlying drivers.

Types of Healthcare sector Includes:

Healthcare Facilities (Hospital General and specialized, Labs, Radiology center, Medical centers)
Healthcare services, (Consultation, Home care, Medical waste management, Health care ad-ministration and regulation
Medical tourism
Healthcare IT, (Software, Hardware)
Health care research
Health care administration and regulation
Health care industry (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, Disposables)
Health insurance

Countries in the Middle East and North Africa are strengthening health systems and improving access to health care for their populations. However, they need to increase both public and private investment in health systems. Ensuring a healthy future, patients across the region would get benefit from effective and efficient health systems, innovation, more health care choices and faster access to new treatments. Egypt has made vast improvements to its health system in recent years, Universal Health Insurance System. To continue this progress, Egypt should continue to make critical investments in its health system and attract foreign investment and improve the quality of health care. If you are thinking about investing in healthcare sector, Taafy is pillar for you success.

Taafy Group,as an integrated healthcare services consultancy, is your partner to find answers in your questions. We are professional and specialized in healthcare investment (feasibility study & fund raising). We are expert and professional in Project management & Hospital design. We are expert in Hospital Operation. Innovation
So…“We know how”. Feasibility study is your future mirrors

4 usual questions for people who are interested in investment

1. How can I own a new hospital?
2. How can I expand my existing facility?
3. How can I go for a sound and profitable investment?
4. How can I guarantee the success of my investment?


During our 20+ years’ experience, Taafy has completed numerous healthcare projects. These projects varied from small individual clinic, polyclinic, small hospital, big hospitals, medical compound, private and NGOs (National and international) as we are uniquely qualified in healthcare operations.
Our staff of experts include consultants who have spent decades as operations executives in the healthcare industry, overseeing multiple acquisitions, facilities building projects and new program developments in acute care, long-term care, out-patient and inpatient practice.

How We Work

4 Steps to make a successful healthcare business

Appropriate location

Detailed Feasibility Study

Appropriate fund solution with Experienced leading partnership

Focus on International Standards for Facility Management

Gain a Success With Us!

Doing the right thing, at the right time.




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Case Studies

Case Studies: Healthcare Investment

Every project does not have the same investment process as the appropriate process is based on the project’s criteria.


We received RFP from specialized chain of clinic in Egypt owned by 3 partners and one of these partner own 40% of these shares and he wants to sell them.


We did a study and we start creating the best investment solutions, valuation well done and the chain assets valuated by 40 million EGP.The search result was that the owner is one of the elite professional doctors of international professors so our main plan is how to go for best investment channels. Then we did our development plan which leads us to do franchise for this chain.Calculating the cost of the development plan and then profitability in decides.


The ROI exceeded 130 % so after the feasibility study the chain valuated by 128 million instead of 40 million EGP.

With Respect To Each Client

Our clients say

“Great Effort”

For the great effort ,they did in the feasibility study for Raai Misr hospital project.This efford which already transform our dream to be a real, our dream to provide excellent medical service for the poorest people in Upper Egypt.So accept our warm thanks for your activity and your serious and also profitable cooperation with your esteemed company.Also, accept the pray of the poorest people of Upper Egypt whom will gain from this hospital service which you were the corner stone of this project.

Mr Amir Ramzy

CEO, “The Stepherd and Mother of Light Assocciation”